At First Steps Academy of Dance we train children from aged 2.5 years - 19 years old, developing dancers starting at the nursery ballet programme all the way through to grade 8 ballet award.

All our Ballet teachers are trained and approved teachers of The Royal Academy of dance so the pupils can be entered for exams each year. We aim to teach good posture, discipline, concentration and high fitness levels. All our pupils will leave with a good sense of their bodies and a knowledge of classical ballet that they can enjoy their whole adult lives.

We take pride that our pupils are happy in class and have a good sense that they are part of a positive team of pupils working towards a goal. The majority of our pupils stay at First steps until they go to university and we have a high take up in the upper grades ages 11-18yrs.

Seniors ballet and Pointe Class

We have 2 classes a week for grade 5/6/7/8. We achieve 100% pass rate in these grades. The girls also have the option of 30 minute pointe class each week which is a free syllabus training the feet and learning excerpts from classical ballets.

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